Mining Districts

Mining Districts in the Western U.S.

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Arizona Mining Districts

Arizona Mining Districts

Idaho Mining Districts

Idaho Mining Districts

Nevada Mining Districts

Nevada Mining Districts

Mines in the West are assigned to mining districts depending among other factors, the location and the minerals found in the mine. It the old days the miners and mine operators created the specific rules and guidelines.

After the Mining Act of 1872, the federal government took over administration of many of the rules and regulations concerning claim staking, property ownership, and mining. Some districts have defined political boundaries, natural boundaries (rivers or ridge crests), or no specific boundaries at all. A district can contain hundreds of mines and can include a variety of different materials from building stone to metallic resources.
Mining District information courtesy of the Utah Department of Natural Resources / Utah Geological Survey

Taking the Next Step

Knowing more about the history of a district will help you appreciate the potential for gold mining in that given area and help you learn where to find gold. Once you have done your research on a district, the next step is to review the mining claims for sale in the district. Step three is to learn how to mine the gold. Read up and do your homework. There is plenty of gold still out there and gold will yet make millionaires out of dedicated miners.

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