Nevada Mining Claims

Nevada Lode Mining Claims for Sale

We sell Nevada Mining Claims throughout much of the year. We head out to Nevada to explore old abandoned mines and only stake and claim the best. These mines we offer to the public. Typically we find the more remote the mine the better.

Nevada is officially known as the silver state. Nevada has a long history of silver and gold production. in the late 1850's, the comstock lode silver discovery became one of the most significant events in the history of the mining west. Virginia City, born from the Comstock mines, was one of the West's most important mining centers. The Comstock lode was possibly the most valuable single ore deposit ever discovered. Nevada ranks 5th in total gold production among the western states and remains an important gold producer to this day. Nevada was also the location of the last of the great gold rushes at Goldfield. Goldfield also became the biggest boom and bust story in the West as it quickly became the largest city in Nevada and then suffered a dramatic series of events that left it virtually abandoned by the 1920's

Nevada’s rugged landscape created ideal conditions for the deposit of a large variety of valuable minerals which have attracted the attention of miners and prospectors for over 150 years. The hearty souls who traveled the state in search of gold and other valuable minerals, left behind a legacy of shafts, adits, glory holes, stopes, mill sites and other features.  The Nevada BLM estimates that there are approximately 10,613 abandoned hardrock mines in the state. For mining district information and to truly appreciate the rich mining heritage of the state please refer to the National Bureau of Mines website.

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